What to Bring

By Capt. Tripp Wood
Fishing Licenses are first on the list, unless you do not plan to fish. These can be obtained directly from Fish and Game, at C Street and Raspberry Street, or at any local sporting goods store, such as Sportsman’s Warehouse on Old Seward Street.
Alaska is famous for its changing weather. You will want to bring rain gear, just in case, along with a rain hat. The cabin does have a nice heater, but its better to stay dry! A sweater or windbreaker may also come in handy. Waterproof boots are a help, but not absolutely necessary.
Being on the water does tend to make one hungry, so packing lots of snacks and drinks is advisable. You are welcome to bring beer, a cooler, or whatever is legal, but not cigarettes or vapes. We are a smoke free boat, and there are no exceptions to this.
If you are prone to sea sickness, you may want to pack Dramamine, or some other form of comfort. One of the best devices I’ve seen looks like wrist watch (Sea-Bands), but it sends painless pulses of electricity from the wrist to the brain, and stops nausea quickly for most. Having said all that, we generally go the entire season with only one or two people experiencing nausea, and it usually has more to do with the lack of sleep and consumption of junk food and soda than it does the sea state.
A good camera will be useful for your fish pictures. If you have a video camera, so much the better, as most days we have whales around the boat.
Children are welcome, as we are a family friendly boat. You will want to make sure to limit their greasy foods, sweets and soda consumption, especially early in the day.
If you are going to take your fish with you, as opposed to having them shipped from the local processor, (see Getting Your Fish Home) bring a cooler for your car. You can purchase ice at the hardware store for travel out of Whittier.
Fishing License
Rain Gear
Food and Drink
Sea Sickness preventative, if necessary (Dramamine or Sea-Bands)
Cooler to transport your fish home (leave in car).